Midwest Book Review Posts review for Deadly Politics

One murder may lead to a deadly conspiracy that may sprawl the entire world. Deadly Politics is another entry in Jerry Labriola’s series of books following Dr. David Brooks, a physician turned private investigator. When signed on to find out who took out Connecticut’s governor, the lines of deep pockets takes him all over the world that will face him with potential romance, and threats to his own life. Deadly Politics is a must for those who enjoy mystery thrillers, recommended.

See the review for May, 2013 at Midwest Book Review – www.midwestbookreview.com/sbw/may_13.htm

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Book Talk: Deadly Politics

Book Talk: Deadly Politics

by Dr. Jerry Labriola

Wednesday, May 1, 7:00 p.m.

In conjunction with the release of his latest mystery/suspense novel, Deadly
, he will discuss the Charles Lindbergh and Sam Sheppard cases, each from the forensic science standpoint.
Many historians believe that their outcomes were shaded by political considerations. 

Jerry Labriola, M.D. - Author

Dr. Labriola is the author of nine mystery novels. He
is also coauthor with renowned forensic scientist, Dr. Henry Lee, of
four books dealing with forensic science. After
his first exposure to forensic pathology while serving in the U.S.
Navy, Dr. Labriola practiced medicine for 35 years and was an
Assistant Professor at the University of Connecticut Medical School.
A former Chief of Staff at Waterbury Hospital, he also served
as state senator; and ran for governor and for the United States

After the presentation, Dr. Labriola will sign copies of his new book, the
13th of his writing career. Those purchasing it at a discounted rate will receive a complimentary copy
of one of his earlier mysteries.


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The BIG E of 2012

In 2012, I spent some time meeting the public and signing books at the Eastern States Exposition (The BIG E) in West Springfield. The weather was wonderful.   This is the New England State Fair, which was attended by over 1.3 million people during its 17 days in September. We were located in the Connecticut Building on the Avenue of the States.  The Connecticut Authors & Publishers Association manages this bookstore at the fairgrounds, which involves more than 60 authors at various dates and times of the event. Nearly 300 book titles were shown in every available genre.

Learn more about The BIG E at their website:  www.theBIGE.com 

See you at the fair next year.


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Author Jerry Labriola, M.D. Resumes World-wide Speaking Tour

Murders at Brent Institute
Strong Books has announced that their Author Jerry Labriola successfully completed his 2011-2012 “Around the World Tour”. After taking the summer off, Jerry will again attend special events to speak about famous and infamous crimes, the popularity of the mystery, forensic science and writing fiction. This new year tour will begin with two appearances at the Eastern States Exposition “BIG E” in West Springfield; which will be held from September 14th through 30th. He then embarks toward Europe; finds himself at the Panama Canal and other destinations. The Canal trip is 15 days on the Silver Spirit, a top shelf ship of the Silversea cruise line.
Visit Tour website.

Kindle e-book readers can download Jerry Labriola’s 2002 SMASH HIT “Murders at Brent Institute” for free this weekend from Amazon. Strong Books, announces the beginning of this special promotion for Friday, July 20 through the weekend.
Get it from Amazon.

Murders at Brent Institute is a fast-moving, seat-of-the-pants mystery and compelling characters with the latest thinking on the issues posed by cutting edge biomedical research.

Strong Books has published six of Jerry’s fiction novels for Kindle Amazon. One murder mystery and three of the true crime books that Jerry co-wrote with renowned forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee has been published by Prometheus Books.


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"Happy" Bastille Day, or does this lead to the MURDER of Napoleon?

Bastille Day (July 14) is France’s National Holiday, much like Independence Day is in the United States. It derives its name from the capture of the Bastille, an old fortress that had been used as a prison. This 1789 event signaled the beginning of the French Revolution and, early on, to a popular national government.

Initially, agitator, writer and philosopher Thomas Paine fully supported the revolution along with the purported goals of Napoleon Bonaparte, but once the emperor moved increasingly toward a dictatorship, Paine turned on him with quotes like,” . . . the completest charlatan that ever existed.” Was the agitator in any way connected to Napoleon’s death?

Read this novel and dig into the cover-up. – The Strange Death of Napoleon Bonaparte
by Jerry Labriola, M.D – Hardcover at AmazonKindleNookKoboSony and look for it at iTunes.

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The Mystery Puzzle

Mystery Puzzle


The mystery’s puzzle can be introduced early like in Murders at Hollings
Below are excepts from the first pages of  this novel.

First, a hint


    Dr. David Brooks remembered the man behind the surgical mask as shorter and left-handed.

    “Strange,” he whispered, turning to Dr. William Castleman, the young Director of Emergency Medicine, “back in the Navy, he was a little man…"


Second, set the stage


    They sat together in the center of the first row overlooking Suite 7, the surgical amphitheater of Connecticut’s venerable Hollings General Teaching Hospital, on a viewing balcony crowded with doctors, nurses, medical students, administrators and news reporters. Frozen forward, eyes homed in on the operating surgeon, their breathing stalled for a collective silence. Before them, bright lights reflected off an otherwise invisible glass partition. On the wall, a clock’s second hand cogwheeled to precisely three thirty. The balcony smelled scrubbed and antiseptic.

David asked himself whether he remembered wrong.


Third, describe the scene


    “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Virginia Baldwin, the Nursing Supervisor of our Surgical Department. We’re indeed honored to have Dr. Raphael Cortez here with us today. He’s about to make his initial abdominal incision and the pancreatic transplantation will begin." 


Fourth, set the timing. 


    Castleman stretched up and cupped his hand around David’s ear. “Doesn’t a doctor like Cortez deserve prime time-like eight in the morning? Why three-thirty?”

    David cupped back, “He may be famous, but he’s just a visiting dignitary"


    David pushed down on his feet, leveraging his six-five frame for a better view of the surgery forty feet away. He saw the surgeon’s eyes flit over the abdominal cavity, toward his assistants and back. They tugged on retractors and applied internal sutures while a nurse dabbed the surgeon’s forehead.


Finally, the murder…


Two minutes into the operation, the Chief screamed, “No, not there, Doctor!” Blood spurted against the palm of his gloved hand. “What are you doing? Where are you cutting?”


Then there is confusion. 


    The Chief said, “Christ, let me get in there!” He ran around to the left of the table and tried to muscle aside the operating surgeon.


hunt begins in the murder mystery. 


Good luck, Jerry

p.s.:  Murders at Hollings General is available in Hardcover form
at www.amazon.com/dp/1928782000
or eBook for Amazon Kindle at www.amazon.com/dp/B007BQMI42

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‘Murders at Hollings General’ is FREE for Amazon Kindle this weekend

Kindle e-book readers can download Jerry Labriola’s 1999 top seller “Murders at Hollings Generalfor free this weekend from Amazon. The publisher, Strong Books, announces this special promotion for Friday, May 4th through Tuesday, May 8th for the 5-day weekend.  Visit Amazon.com

Murders at Hollings General is a medical murder mystery involving a series of bizarre homicides at a major teaching hospital in New England. The first murder takes place in the opening scene in the Operating Room, in full view of staff members. Readers are absolutely captivated by this story’s opening scene. This is the first of three novels that feature Dr. David Brooks, the engaging if somewhat quirky doctor/amateur sleuth.

Strong Books has published six of Jerry’s fiction novels for Kindle Amazon. One murder mystery and three of the true crime books that Jerry co-wrote with renowned forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee has been published by Prometheus Books.

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Midwest Book Review Posts review for ‘Object of Betrayal’

Midwest Book Review has posted this review at their website for April 2012 for Object of Betrayal in the The Mystery/Suspense Shelf section.  see review

Our secrets are hidden in layers and layers behind everything. “Object of Betrayal” follows former Navy man Matt Doyle as his attempts to become a writer are derailed by the deep corruption of the mob and the death that follows. As the plot expands to include a monastery, a burned inn, and a chance at love, truth will turn stranger than fiction. “Object of Betrayal” is a fun and fast paced read that should prove hard to put down.


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Cruise Ship Talks – April 2012

As described by the SilverSea website, I will be cruising on the Silver Sprit in April.  Here are the topics that I will discuss.  see SilverSea

(1) Why People Are Fascinated with Murderers, Murder Mysteries, and Forensic Science. In addition, the history of the mystery genre; reasons people resort to murder; and a discussion of five main categories of murderers: the hardened killer; the terrible triad of mass murderer, serial killer, spree killer; psychotic killers; and psychopathic killers.

(2) The O. J. Simpson Case. In addition, a discussion of the accuracy of fingerprint identification; the accuracy of DNA analysis; what is DNA and the human genome all about?; has DNA analysis changed people’s opinion about the death penalty?; and an in-depth look at the nature of forensic science.

(3) The Assassination of JFK. In addition, a discussion of famous assassinations throughout history; causes and manners of death; how time of death is determined; environmental deaths; and the best definition of forensic science along with its origins.

(4) The JonBenet Ramsey and Vincent Foster Cases. In addition, a discussion of circumstantial evidence; consciousness of guilt; the charge of murder 50 years old; criminal clearance rates in the U.S.; and crimes in convenience stores.

(5) The Charles Lindbergh Case: The Kidnapping and Murder of an International Hero’s Baby. In addition, a discussion of the latest in stem cell research; the CSI effect; the effect of blood transfusions on blood typing and DNA ; and the effect of extreme heat on genetic materials.

(6) The Sam Sheppard Case (“Fugitive Series”) and the Jack the Ripper Case. In addition, a discussion of robotics and silicon brains; brain fingerprinting; writs of habeas corpus; optical scanning for fingerprints; smudge versus crisp prints; and restorative justice.

I hope you enjoy your next read. — Jerry

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The Mystery Reader

I have lectured about the makeup of the mystery novel.  So now it is time for me to discuss more about the mystery reader. What are the elements of the mystery that fascinates the reader?

I like to think that the mystery reader is the Law Enforcer, Prosecuting Attorney, Judge and Jury. They are presented with some of the facts, but they think ahead to figure out who the murderer is.

Let me digress for just a moment. I said “murder” because that is the ultimate crime. It gets the highest form of punishment.

Mystery readers like a puzzle. They like to arrange the pieces of the novel to see what fits. I liken this to Johnny Cochran’s famous phrase, “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit”. The pieces of the mystery novel will contain distraction evidence as well as solid evidence. There should be motive, opportunity and means, and suspects must have these elements, so they can be added to the reader’s overall suspect list. A good complex story will have a “mountain of evidence” as mentioned by Prosecutor Marcia Clark, so the reader can sort this all out.

I think an interesting mystery novel idea could lead the reader to the number one suspect and show that suspect tried and convicted. But also the writer might show a large amount of neglected or discarded evidence. I see the Robert Frost scenario of “the road not taken” revealed in a follow-up “Part 2” or “Second Volume”. This could revolve around the convicted person’s appeal and might deal with evidence that was left on a dusty path that eventually leads him/her to a previously ignored suspect. In this instance, the reader may have fallen into a guilty trap as the new puzzle pieces are added to the mix. Can the mystery reader come to grips with the innocence of that first suspect?

There is so much more to tell about the mystery reader. In talks, I have discussed exotic scenes, memorable characters, forensics, sequence of events and the evidence that the mystery reader has forgotten that was left on the trail. How does the novel start if the crime does not take place right away? And certainly there will be action in the story.

I hope you enjoy your next read. — Jerry

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