The Saga of Hodge – Review by Midwest Book Review

The Saga of Hodge MysteryPosted at their Wisconsin Bookwatch is this review:

A strange and possibly supernatural entity that calls himself Hodge is targeting people on Earth for thousands of years, claiming their souls and then, later one, returning them under his complete control to Earth as different people. They constitute his Army of Drones. But when this creature experiences the meaning of love he undergoes a transformation as shocking as those he had ordered for millennia. Who or what is responsible for triggering this change? All this is intertwined with Dr. Mark Kralin, his friends and associates in a novel that is a blending of fantasy and mystery. A simply riveting read from cover to cover, “The Saga of Hodge” reveals author Jerry Labriola to have a genuine flair for deftly crafted interesting characters and then skillfully embedding them into a consistently compelling story replete with unexpected twists and surprising turns. “The Saga of Hodge” is one of those all too rare novels that will linger in the mind and memory of the reader long after the book has been finished and set back upon the shelf.

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The Blue Baron Mystery – Review by Midwest Book Review

Posted at their Wisconsin Bookwatch is this review:The Blue Baron Mystery

An expert forensic scientist with an earned reputation for discretion among overt and covert traders in international artifacts, Dr. Paul D’Amean’s career and life are on the line in “The Blue Baron Mystery”, a truly compelling read by author Jerry Labriola who is a seasoned master of the genre. Hired by ‘Gens de Ferite’, an ancient French organization dedicated to tracking down the murderer of six people and to locate the stolen Blue Baron diamond, Paul finds himself traveling in perilous jeopardy following a serious of hazardous incidents that occurs as he finds himself in France, Holland, The Hauge, Belgium, Angola, Sierra Leone, Bosnia, Buenos Aires and Gibraltar. A deftly crafted and riveting read from cover to cover, “The Blue Baron Mystery” is enthusiastically recommended for the personal reading lists of dedicated suspense thriller buffs and would prove to be an enduringly popular addition to community library collections.



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Dangerous Triangle – Review by Midwest Book Review

Dangerous TriangleSynopsis: As a private investigator, Dr. David Brooks had been instrumental in preventing a Japanese-led sarin attack aimed at destroying the world. Now a new generation of Kamikazes are pursuing him wherever he goes. With the assistance of seemingly omnipresent pirates, these descendants of the suicide bombers of World War II are hell-bent on his death.

Critique: Another riveting read from the pen of Jerry Labriola, “Dangerous Triangle” is a deftly crafted and compelling novel from beginning to end, making it highly recommended for personal reading lists and community library Mystery/Suspense collections. Of special note to Jerry Labriola fans is the inclusion of lectures about O. J. Simpson, Sacco-Vanzetti, Charles Lindbergh, forensic science, and mythology which are cleverly woven into complex plot.

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Waterbury Republican American Announces

Waterbury Republican American Labriola gets ‘Dangerous’

Dangerous Triangle

Private investigator Dr. David Brooks finds himself the target of Kamikazes and pirates in “Dangerous Triangle,” the new book by Dr. Jerry Labriola ($24.95, Strong Books). Amazon

The Kamikazes seek revenge after Brooks was instrumental in stopping a sarin attack on the world. They join forces with pirates in attempting to complete the murderous mission of sarin master¬mind Shoko Asahara.

As the three sides close in, Brooks continues his oceanic lectures, this time featuring O.J. Simpson, Sacco-Vanzetti and Charles Lindbergh in the talks.

Jerry Labriola, M.D.

Jerry Labriola, M.D.

This is Labriola’s 18th book. Brooks is a recurring character in his novels. The idea for the current story “came from our talks with some Japanese passengers on several of our 50 ocean cruises, plus being alerted to pirate ships off the coast of Somalia,” Labriola said.

Labriola was a pediatrician in Naugatuck for 35 years before retiring in 1994. A former forensic pathologist in the U.S. Navy, he dabbled in politics before turning to writing.


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Diamonds and Pirates Review by Midwest Book Review

Synopsis: Treasure hunter Paul D’Arneau is hired to locate a diamond box and to determine its relationship to a cartel involved in prostitution, piracy, and international intrigue spread out over the Argentina, Gibraltar, and the United States. Unexpectedly, D’Arneau finds himself embroiled in trying to prevent a Japanese-led sarin attack that would destroy the world. The Kamakazis, among others, are constantly on his tail, requiring him to call upon his many ways of warding off assailants — not the least of which is the martial arts form of jujitsu called Atemiwza. It’s no understatement to say the odds of survival are very much against him and the stakes for the rest of the human race couldn’t be higher!

Critique: A riveting read, “Diamonds and Pirates” by Jerry Labriola is impressively well written from beginning to end and continues to document Labriola as a major storytelling talent in general, and a complete master of the action/adventure mystery/suspense genre in particular. “Diamonds and Pirates” is certain to be an enduringly popular addition to community library collections and personal reading lists. For those to whom “Diamonds and Pirates” is their first introduction to Jerry Labriola’s brand of thriller, it should be noted that his has also authored nine previous and highly recommended novels: The Saga of Hodge; Murders at Hollings General; Murders at Brent Institute; The Maltese murders; The Strange Death of Napoleon Bonaparte; Scent of Danger; Object of Betrayal; Deadly Politics; and Global Shadows.

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Diamonds and Pirates Review in Sunday Republican

On Sunday, May 17th, The Sunday Republican provided a review of my latest novel: Diamonds and Pirates.

Download Printable version

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Waterbury Republican American Review

The August 24th issue of the Waterbury “The Sunday Republican” provided a good review of Jerry Labriola, M.D. and his latest novel Global Shadows. Several of Jerry’s schedule talks are listed in the article.

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Latest Novel is Released

My latest novel Global Shadows has been released by the publisher – The super attractive hardcover is available at Amazon at and is significantly discounted from my publisher’s retail price of $24.95. (Printed in the USA)

The eBook for Kindle is also available at Amazon at The “Look inside” feature at Amazon gives everyone a chance at a peek, but we have enabled “Sample” and “Amazon Prime” to attract new readers. Amazon also offers the Kindle version FREE for those who buy the hardcover.

My publisher says “We are seeking reviews for this new book. We will be announcing ‘Free Download” dates to reviewers through and We have received a wonderful review from Midwest Book Review for August, visit

Watch for these announcements at Twitter by following @PaulDArneau

Synopsis: International treasure hunter and former Yale professor (dismissed from his post due to a compulsive interest in mythology), Paul D’Arneau is hired by the Parisian organization Gens de Verite to investigate the theft of a cabinet containing stem cell research papers. A globe spanning pursuit ranging from Germany, France and Switzerland, to Japan, Africa, and the isle of St. Helena, and involving murder, prostitution, intrigue, lead to unexpected consequences, complications, and resolution.

Critique: The author of ten previous novels, Jerry Labriola is well able to deftly craft intricately woven plots and embed them with memorable characters and all manner of twists, turns and surprises. “Global Shadows” is his latest novel and presents a solidly entertaining read from beginning to end. “Global Shadows” is especially recommended to fans of mystery fiction and would make an enduringly popular addition to community library collections.

Global Shadows

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May 12th Publicity – Deadly Politics

Deadly Politics is the feature in Sunday’s Waterbury Republican-American.
Waterbury Republican-American - May 12, 2013

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Author Talk at Howard Whittemore Memorial Library

On May 15th at 7:00pm in the Nellie Beatty Metting Room, author Jerry Labriola, M.D. will discuss and sign his new book, ‘Deadly Politics.’ This latest mystery/suspense novel is the 13th of his writing career. Those purchasing it at a discount will also receive a complementary copy of one of his earlier mysteries.

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