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Spying for KeepsPosted at their Wisconsin Bookwatch is this review:

Spying For Keeps by Jerry Labriola is the story of Jim Hunter, a man who is an experienced undercover agent and called upon to assist Allied forces int heir attack upon the Nazi held Normandy beaches and then in Japanese controlled territories on the other side of the world. After the war is over, Jim is hired by an international organization to identify criminals in a number of nations around the globe who are infiltrating organized crime in the United States. Among Jim’s resources is a slim backpack devise allowing him to send and receive coded messages to intercept and interpret Nazi messages and plant false information to the enemy. A combination of historical mystery and counter-espionage thriller that begins with the world-wide struggle against the Axis powers of World War II and concludes with combating shadowy figures who are seeking to exploit the Mafia in America in pursuit of their nefarious goals. An accomplished novelist of consummate skills and a proven master of the genre, Jerry Labriola continues to employ meticulous attention to historical detail and accuracy as background for his deftly crafted and memorable action/adventure thriller. Attention Hollywood, Spying For Keeps is the stuff from which blockbuster movies are made! Exceptionally well written and an inherently compelling read from cover to cover, Spying For Keeps is an especially recommended addition community library Mystery/Suspense collections, as well as for the personal reading lists of dedicated mystery buffs.

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