Diamonds and Pirates Review by Midwest Book Review

Synopsis: Treasure hunter Paul D’Arneau is hired to locate a diamond box and to determine its relationship to a cartel involved in prostitution, piracy, and international intrigue spread out over the Argentina, Gibraltar, and the United States. Unexpectedly, D’Arneau finds himself embroiled in trying to prevent a Japanese-led sarin attack that would destroy the world. The Kamakazis, among others, are constantly on his tail, requiring him to call upon his many ways of warding off assailants — not the least of which is the martial arts form of jujitsu called Atemiwza. It’s no understatement to say the odds of survival are very much against him and the stakes for the rest of the human race couldn’t be higher!

Critique: A riveting read, “Diamonds and Pirates” by Jerry Labriola is impressively well written from beginning to end and continues to document Labriola as a major storytelling talent in general, and a complete master of the action/adventure mystery/suspense genre in particular. “Diamonds and Pirates” is certain to be an enduringly popular addition to community library collections and personal reading lists. For those to whom “Diamonds and Pirates” is their first introduction to Jerry Labriola’s brand of thriller, it should be noted that his has also authored nine previous and highly recommended novels: The Saga of Hodge; Murders at Hollings General; Murders at Brent Institute; The Maltese murders; The Strange Death of Napoleon Bonaparte; Scent of Danger; Object of Betrayal; Deadly Politics; and Global Shadows.

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